8 Helpful Ways To Overcome Doubt

life Aug 17, 2017

One of the biggest psychological barriers that plagues hundreds of millions of people around the world is known as doubt. Doubt keeps many people easily contained in their own small box. It paralyzes innovation, destroys opportunities, and demolishes would-be entrepreneurs. Learning how to overcome doubt may be the single biggest difference that one can make in their lives. Mastering this one issue can open a new horizon of opportunities for you because of the effect that it has on so many areas of life. Doubt creeps into our lives even when we don't realize it. We may be a naturally-confident person, but as you evaluate yourself and your level of accomplishment, you may see areas where you have held back. Whether it's starting your own business, pitching the CEO, or talking to that attractive woman/man, doubt sometimes manifests itself in a form that many of us may not even realize. You may not feel the doubt because you go through the same series of thought processes when making each decision and you don't even pick up on which areas present doubt. Many decisions are made in a split second without us ever putting too much thought into it. Doubt can simply be a moment of hesitation, and that is what many people don't realize. When faced with this, many times it's a good practice to step out of our comfort zones and explore the world of doubtless creativity. Pinpointing when doubt takes place in each decision can actually force you to look at things from perspectives that you are not used to. Here are 8 ways you can master doubt.  

1. Stay Positive

Positivity is under-rated for many people, yet the people who understand the power of positivity are already half of the way to mastering their doubt. The power of positivity goes well beyond having a good attitude and uplifting spirit. These attributes are great, but the true power lies in the ability to confidently pursue opportunities even in the face of obstacles. Many times, at the first sign of an obstacle we talk ourselves out of making a decision. We tend to stay away from problems, and in turn, we have less solutions to offer. Do you think it is just a coincidence that the most successful people on earth have figured out some way to fill a need and/or solve a problem? I assure you, it is no coincidence. Imagine how different their lives would be if they actually let their doubt constrain them. Imagine if they had not asked the difficult questions or if they hadn't overcame their intial doubts/hesitations.  

2. Reject Negativity

When I develop a negative thought, I immediately address it. Rather than further developing my negative thoughts, I typically head straight for the root. Where did this negativity come from? Many times, I find that it actually stems from something I am dealing with internally, or it is a seed planted by someone else. When you receive a bad seed, you can decide to either water it or reject it. Those who water or feed their seeds of doubt end up seeing their doubts multiply.  

3. Talk It Over

When doubt creeps in it is important to have an established positive relationship or mentor available to discuss your problem and possible solutions. Simply talking it over with someone you trust can give you the boost of confidence that you need to thrive. Make sure that the person you trust will give you constructive feedback and will not feed into the same negativity that can paralyze your progress.  

4. Stay Informed

Do your research and due-diligence. It is important to explore all angles before making a confident decision. There is a good balance that exists between the extremes of over-confidence and doubt. This balance can be achieved by making sure that you have all of the necessary information required before making a final decision.  

5. Don't Fall Victim To Analysis Paralysis

We understand the doubt may sometimes be a "good" thing because it may keep us from traveling down the wrong path, but don't overthink things. Sometimes analyzing too hard can lead you to falling victim of "analysis paralysis".  

6. Go With Your Gut

Many times, our gut makes the best decisions. Never rely solely on your gut feelings, but be sure to get a good understanding of how you feel about your situation. Our gut is usually based off of our immediate feelings and emotions. After analyzing, if you are still stuck between decisions, go with your gut.  

7. Reflect On Your Wins

One of the best tips that I can give is to reflect on your wins. Sometimes we forget what we are good at, what our strengths are, and what wins we have achieved. Reflecting on these wins can boost your self-confidence when making tough decisions. Many times we sell ourselves short and forget how great we truly are. Remind yourself that you are a winner and have no intention to lose. Even if you make a wrong decision, it doesn't always mean it was a bad decision. Things sometimes don't fall in line for any number of difference situations. We may not always make the right decisions at the right time, but a win is a win even if you lose. This happens when you intentionally make losing a learning experience.  

8. Practice Confidence

If you struggle with extreme doubt, intentionally practicing confidence may be a huge lesson for you. There was a time in my life where I struggled with confidence in my business. I saw myself as a beginner or new kid on the block. I didn't think I was as valuable as the people around me who were doing the same things I did. When I intentionally applied confidence to my demeanor, it shifted my entire life. I approached everything as if I were the go-to person. Even though I was still inexperienced, I confidently told my clients that I would find the answer for them. I flipped the script and turned my doubt into confidence, but it took intentionality.   Doubt can keep you from achieving your biggest and most meaningful dreams. It's your job to do everything you can to not let that happen. #NoDoubt


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