05 | 4 Ways to Lead Your Family in Freedom

Season #1 Episode #5

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." We know this popular phrase from the Declaration of Independence, and if you think about it, this is everything that we could truly ever want and dream of. What would life be without liberty? Without freedom? Freedom to make choices, freedom to choose love, freedom to choose God, freedom to choose careers. Our freedom of choice is one of our most precious gifts from God. He gives us the choice to choose him. He doesn’t force us to love him, he doesn’t force us to follow his teachings, he doesn’t force us to do anything, he simply asks us to choose whether we want to follow him or not. In following him, we have to choose how we approach him. We can either approach him as a God who wants us to follow a set of rules, or a God who wants relationship with us. HOW you approach God is everything. He doesn’t just want you to go through the motions, he wants you to engage with him. So here’s the key question: What is going to be my approach to God? Which approach will I choose?

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