06 | Fighting For Your Marriage (Even When Things Are Good)

Season #1 Episode #6

Not too long ago, I sat at my computer and Googled, “Top reasons for divorce.” I read article after article on divorce and thought to myself, “If these are the most popular reasons for divorce, shouldn’t more people actively safe-guard their marriages against these?” I took out a blank sheet of paper, drew a line down the center of it, then wrote “problems” on the left side of the page and “solutions” on the right side. In the problems section, I listed all of the marriage problems that I found online that caused the most divorces. On the right side, I wrote the best possible solutions to these problems that I could possible think of. My goal was to establish preventative care for my marriage. After finding many different reasons for divorce, here are the top 5 reasons that I found: 1. Infidelity 2. Money 3. Lack of Communication 4. Constant Arguing 5. Lack of Intimacy In this episode, we talk about these problems in marriages. If they are the most common issues, then we must recognize that these are exactly the things that we must safeguard our marriages against. Throughout this episode, we will help give some tips on how to offer solutions to these things (even before they become problems). In fighting for your marriage, we must ensure that we are playing both offense and defense, just like in any other battle.

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