07 | The 6 Step Love Plan That Will Change Your Marriage Forever

Season #1 Episode #7

In today's episode, we will be sharing a #LoveHack that you can use to refuel your passion with your spouse. If you have heard of the 5 Love Languages, then you know this book and theory has been well accepted and spread throughout the world. We agree that knowing the 5 Love Languages is great, but how does it look to put them into action? This episode will take the 5 Love languages, and will deep dive into a master love plan that you can use for your marriage. It has been a game-changer for us! Enjoy! Connect with Lead At Home: www.leadathome.org www.twitter.com/leadathome www.facebook.com/leadathome www.instagram.com/leadathome Connect with Randall: www.twitter.com/randallseang www.instagram.com/randallseang www.facebook.com/randallseang Connect with Selina: www.instagram.com/selinachristineg We would love it if you would leave us a rating and review!

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