16 | 4 Keys to Living A Simple Life in a Distracted, Chaotic World

Season #1 Episode #16

We live in a chaotic and distracted world. With technology, clutter, and so many other things pulling at us, it's time to look at a few ways that we can simplify our lives. By simplifying your life, you can learn how to be happier, be in more control of your life, waste less of your valuable time, and more. All of this will allow you to enjoy life even more! Simple living is different for each person, but in general, a simplified life means that you are getting rid of any extra mental and physical clutter, so that you can have more time for the things that actually matter to you. I’m not saying that you need to do everything on the list below. Instead, I want you to think about what YOU actually enjoy in life, and work towards getting rid of the things you dislike and those that are not important to you. 1. Simplify your environment 2. Go for quality vs quantity 3. Simplify you decisions 4. Limiting your communications Connect with Lead At Home: www.leadathome.org www.twitter.com/leadathome www.facebook.com/leadathome www.instagram.com/leadathome Connect with Randall: www.twitter.com/randallseang www.instagram.com/randallseang www.facebook.com/randallseang Connect with Selina: www.instagram.com/selinachristineg We would love it if you would leave us a rating and review!

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