17 | The GREATER Day Formula

Season #1 Episode #17

The GREATER Day Formula is all about YOU. Many times we talk about leading others, and although that is what we want to do, we cannot forget about leading ourselves. Continuing to grow in a balanced and impactful way is what every leader should strive for. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually, vocationally, etc. Download The GREATER Day Formula at www.greaterdayformula.com Connect with Lead At Home: www.leadathome.org www.twitter.com/leadathome www.facebook.com/leadathome www.instagram.com/leadathome Connect with Randall: www.twitter.com/randallseang www.instagram.com/randallseang www.facebook.com/randallseang Connect with Selina: www.instagram.com/selinachristineg We would love it if you would leave us a rating and review!

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